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 Alexey Firsov 

Alexey Firsov was born in 1966, and has always lived and worked in Moscow. He studied at the Moscow Institute of Architecture and has selectively exhibited his paintings over the past 20 years. Some of his exhibitions have been shown at leading Moscow art venues such as Art Manezh, Winzavod Contemporary Art Center, The Roerich Museum, the Central House of Artists and the Kasteyev State Art Museum in Kazakhstan. 


Alexey Firsov is an accomplished Russian abstract painter. Over the past two decades, Firsov has pioneered his own artistic style – self-titled ‘Lavism’ – derived from volcanic and passionate brush strokes, explosive colours, and bold thick texture. This hyper-impressionist technique seems to be reminiscent of Kiefer or Auerbach’s methods. And like them, he spends tons of pigment when creating just one painting. The paint is spread like lava on the canvas, congealing on the surface in 3D shapes. It fully dries only in after three years.


Alexey Firsov works only in ‘plein-air’, removing himself as far as possible from civilization. Firsov derives intense inspiration and energy from the wilds of the natural world, its waywardness, spontaneity and creative force. The immense virgin forests and tundra of Russia open great opportunities for this. He believes that the wild and unspoiled natural world is more harmonious than any environment made by man. This is reflected in the rhythm of vigorous, expressive brushwork and colours; showing the force of nature and its intense energy.


Firsov is a passionate defender of modern art, seeing conceptual art as a sociological statement of modern society’s tension rather, than an art practice.

Exhibited previously:

Art Manezh

Winzavod Contemporary Art Centre

The Roerich Museum

The Central House of Artists

The Kasteyev State Art Museum in Kazakhstan

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