An Su

An Su was born in chengdu, sichuan in 1997. She completed her undergraduate degree of journalism and Chinese literature in Nanjing and Taiwan, and she is currently studying photography at the Royal College of Art. Based on her personal memory and experience of time and life, her works extend to thinking and reflection on eastern culture and society. She considers photography as the intersection between individuals and the public. Exploring self identity and contemplates the relationship between the realization of value, others, and society from the perspective of cultural ethics.With the method of psychoanalysis and literary narration, An Su creates series of poetic and metaphorical research images.


Group Exhibition:

2020.02.13 A fragile China, London;

2020.01.27 WIP Show, Royal college of art, London.

02/2020, A fragile China, London

01/2020, WIP Show, Royal college of art, London.

07/2019, Muge art space, Chengdu, China.

06/2019, Muge Art Space, China