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 Song Jing 

Song Jing was born in Henan Province, China but is now a Vienna based artist. She studied photography and fine arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and her work has been exhibited at various international institutions in Europe.


Jing’s work revolves around the body and emotion, as the artist detects emotional patterns in her environment and projects them on chosen objects. The different artifacts created by the amalgamation of the disembodied feelings and external objects thus turn into visible manifestations of inner landscapes of emotions. This method has led her to create works that need time to evolve. 


The chewing gums images in the series Vita Contemplative, are metaphoric representations of the contemporary subjects of self-exploitation. Numbly sunk in spirits (lat. spiritus), air bubbles develop around chewed and exhausted bodies. While mirroring the effects of time, these bubbles both question and symbolise the forces of power, the authenticity of subjects, the notion of free will, cultural divisions, all the connecting and disconnecting elements of life.


This work reflects the necessity to overcome this state of self-anesthesia. It is about the restless search of the soul and about the longing for a contemplative way of life.

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