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 Mara Fabbro 

Mara Fabbro was born in Castello d'Aviano in Italy, where she currently lives and works. After graduating from the Magisterial Institute of Sacile, she began her career while maintaining her passion for painting. Fabbro studied and worked on her own for years, experimenting with a personalized mixed medium. This developed into a unique technique; creating a sandy mixture that is spread and worked with by hand and other tools. The materiality of Fabbro’s work gives a hyper textuality that not only gives life to the symbolism and inspiration behind the work but also to the work itself.


The motivation for her work comes from daily observations on the relationship and link between nature and man, forever becoming more and more complex, and the required responsibility and attention to our global environment. The circle is the fundamental element in Mara’s work, responding to the need for harmony and balance. The geometry of the circle represents the totality, the unit and the connection between the centre and the periphery. She expresses a rhythmic language of geometries and graphic images, scoring a circuit that expands to infinity.


Exhibited previously:

2017 Galerie de Grancy, Lausanne, Switzerland

2016 Galerie de Poche, Tannay, Geneve, Switzerland

2015 Pieve di Soligo and Venice-Marghera "The Water Burns", EXPO Milan

2015 Art Studio GR "Speaking of the Subject", Sacile, Italy

2015 Palazzo Thun and Torre Mirana "L'Acqua Brucia",Trento, Italy

2014 Palazzo Sarcinelli, Galleria Novecento "L'Acqua Brucia", Italy

2014 Open Space "The Gong Cities", Treviso, Italy

2014 Galerie de Poche, Tannay, Geneve, Switzerland

2013 KBL Private Bank, Lugano, Switzerland

2013 En Beauregard Gallery, Montreux, Switzerland

2013 Arkema Studio, Portogruaro (VE), Italy

2011 First Floor Venice Art Gallery "Epicenters. Energy from the Earth", Venice, Italy


Public Collections:

Studio of Art GR, Italy

GR Gallery, New York, USA

Galerie De Poche, Geneve, Switzerland

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