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Martin Brausewetter 

Martin Brausewetter was born in 1960 in Vienna. He studied Painting at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and has exhibited widely. Brausewetter started out, mainly as a painter, working on fairly abstract compositions of multiple layers of egg tempera paint, often scratching their surface with a razor blade, so as to investigate the constitution of matter itself, and of space.


Emerging from his interest in Quantum Physics and new studies on the function and composition of black holes in the universe, Brausewetter’s paintings were searching to convey the various dimensions of reality in which we live. Brausewetter likens his way of working to a pendulum, which movement goes back and forth, between microscopic and macro layers of reality. The compositions resulting in his works cannot be understood as purely abstract, for they express the artist’s interest in the constitution and nature of matter in the universe.


Exhibited previously:

2018 Galeria Face Gabinete de Arte, São Paulo

2015 Galeria Mezanino, São Paulo

2014 Lukas Feichtner Gallery, Vienna

2013 Espaço Contraponto 55, São Paulo​

2011 Galeria Vertente, Campinas, São Paulo

2009 Project Space 822, São Paulo

2008 Haus aus der Kultur, Sammlung Thomastik - Infeld,  Halbturn, Austria      ​​

2004-06 Galerie Raum Transit, Vienna​​

2000 Kunstforum Unterland, Neumarkt, Italy 

2000 Mc Kinsey, Vienna 

2000 Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna 

1999 Galerie Atrium, Bregenz 

1999 Galerie Hohenlohe − Kalb, Vienna​

1996-2012 Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna

1993 Galerie Kies, Vienna​​

1988 Galería 4 Gats, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

1987-96 Galerie Ariadne, Vienna

1987 Galerie in der Künstlerhauspassage, Vienna

1986 Galerie Ring, Vienna


Public Collections:

Sammlung Vienna Insurance Group, Austria

Cultural Department of the City of Vienna, Austria

Belvedere Museum, Vienna, Austria

Kunst und Kultur, Vienna, Austria 

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