Qingyang Chen

Qingyang Chen is a visual artist based in London, who, in the past two years, exhibited her work in China, Korea, New Zealand, and the UK. Qingyang graduated with an M.A in Photography from the University of Arts, London in 2019. In her work, Qingyang Chen, explores the tactile feeling, the touch, the feel of the body, the skin, or the object. The research of the touch reflects on the inner and the outer world and personal experience being an active part of it. Qingyang invites us to get reacquainted with the object in her photography through awakening our sensory abilities. The close-ups, the work with light and shadow emphasize the possibility of the viewer to feel the touch portrayed: of fingers with the body, of water drops with the skin, of hand with small river stones or the soap bubble.

“Touching evokes closeness and intimacy more than any other sensation because you MUST connect and there’s a flow between the two surfaces — as in my chase after fingertips and skin, to and fro. And this feeling is very private and real — fingers feeling the skin, its temperature, and its humidity — a lived experience. At the same time, the understanding of the state of the objects is more like a mental feeling. This is more of psychological perception and impression; when we touch something, there is an imaginary, ambiguous space, and this sense of uncertainty is connected to our experience and memory, which is a new way to think about what we see and how we feel. '

Selected Exhibition:


11. 2019 Upper Gallery, University of the Arts London, London/UK

02. 2019 Solo Exhibition, Landing Space, E Block Chelsea of Art.

03. 2019 Art Academy Newington, London /UK

09. 2017 Graduation Exhibition,Zhejiang International Studies University, China

10. 2017 Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition,Zhejiang International Studies University, China

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