Qingyang Chen

Qingyang Chen, who was born 1995 in Ningbo of China, is a photographer and video artist based in Shanghai and London. Her practice tries to establish a personal language to communicate her emotions. Most of her work is self-portraits and self-performance which give the viewer ways to relate to the images in her body of work through their own subjective experience.

“Touching evokes closeness and intimacy, I want to trigger that feeling in the viewer purely visually, which of course is a considerable challenge. When I’m shooting close-up, I put myself into a frame of mind where I feel I can actually touch what’s in front of the camera. Rather than overload the picture with a lot of information, I concentrate on detail, which could be actual physical detail — a hand, foot, thigh — or movement. My idea is to suggest through these visual clues so that the viewer can feel an object — or skin — by recovering their own tactile experiences.” 

Selected Exhibition:


11. 2019 Upper Gallery, University of the Arts London, London/UK

02. 2019 Solo Exhibition, Landing Space, E Block Chelsea of Art.

03. 2019 Art Academy Newington, London /UK

09. 2017 Graduation Exhibition,Zhejiang International Studies University, China

10. 2017 Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition,Zhejiang International Studies University, China

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