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 Qiwei Zhang 

Born in Shanghai, China, Qiwei Zhang studied in Germany. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster in 2011 and now lives and works between Shanghai and Münster.


As an artist, Zhang is familiar with both the Western and the Asian perspectives on painting. This has led him to a unique conception of incoherencies within his work. His interventions and new compilations are notaimed at unity or representation, but at meta-textualconnections. Zhang's motives derive from traditional and modern art, as well as from geometry and remote niches ofour everyday lives. His aesthetic syntax includes embedded narrative, temporal perspectives, colour, materiality and above all the isolation of functions. This process is well revealed in Zhang’s paper works.


With bold and concentrated brush strokes Qiwei Zhang combines everyday observations with painterly questions. The paper works go beyond the quality of studies and can be classified as independent works.



Fine Arts Studies at the Art Academy of Shanghai

Fine Arts Studies at the University of the Arts Bremen at Karin Kneffel

Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Münster

Master Student of Klaus Merkel, Akademiebrief - Diploma

Atelier Stipendium, "artist-in-residence" in Berlin, Karl-Hofer-Gesellschaft

Junge Kunst in Gütersloh, Kunst Symposium, Residence Programme

Ph.D. at the Academy of Fine Arts Münster


Exhibited previously:

2017 Yin Art Center “Interfering”, Shanghai

2016 Flechtheimspeicher “In China Essen Sie Hunde”, Münster

2016 Kunstverein Lippstadt “Camouflage”, Germany

2015 Ooh La Art “Cohesion”, Shanghai

2015 XLY MoMA “Bloom & Narration”, Chengdu, China

2014 “Net Weight”, Shanghai

2013 Kunsthaus alte Mühle “Jie Long: Von Höcksken auf Stöcksken”, Schmallenberg

2013 Kuak Münster “一合1”, Germany

2013 Sennestadtverein “Monopoly”, Bielefeld

2013 “Your Steps, My Way”, Krefelder Kunstverein

2012 Virtuell Visuell “Fix the rainbow”, Kunstverein Dorsten

2012 School of Arts “Gent Münster-Münster Gent”, Gent, Belgien

2012 Atelier Galerie Collage “Grundstein”, Saarbrücken

2012 T66 Kulturwerk “Taxonomie + Chimäre”, Freiburg

2011 Dülmener Kunstverein “Made in China”, Dülmen

2010 Galerie KunstArt am Hellweg “Buntes Leben”, Bochum

2009 Galerie Nolte “Lost in Translation”, Münster

2008 “Contemporary Art Ruhr”, Essen

2008 The Art Museum Craiova “Behind The Face”, Rumänien

2008 MOYA Museum “Young Art China 08”, Wien, Germany

2008 The National Brukenthal Museum “Behind The Face”, Sibiu, Rumänien

2008 Kunsthaus Kannen “Wellenlänge 4”, Münster, Germany

2008 Quartier 7 Münster “Rückblick”, Germany

2007 Die Kunstmesse im Revier “Kuboshow”, Flottmann Halle, Herne , Germany


Yin Art Center, Shanghai

Flechtheimspeicher, Münster

ooh la Art, Shanghai

XLY MoMA, Chengdu, China

Nationalpark Harz

Kunsthaus alte Mühle, Schmallenberg

Kuak Münster

Sennestadtverein, Bielefeld

Krefelder Kunstverein

Virtuell Visuell, Kunstverein Dorsten

T66 Kulturwerk, Freiburg

Stadthaus Galerie Hamm

Ausstellungshalle AZKM, Münster

Volksbank-Zentrale und Galerie Siedenhans & Simon, Gütersloh

Kunstfoyer am Langenweg, Oldenburg

Galerie KunstArt am Hellweg, Bochum

Galerie Nolte, Münster

The Art Museum Craiova, Rumänien

MOYA Museum, Wien

The National Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Rumänien

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