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 Shi Rongqiang 

Shi Rongqiang was born 1973 in Shandong, China. He graduated from Qufu Academy of Fine Arts of Shandong Normal University and Nanjing Art Institute of Fine Arts where he was tutored by Professor Zhou Jingxin. Currently, he is teaching at Qufu Academy of Fine Arts of Shandong Normal University and he is a member of Nanjing Painting and Calligraphy Institute. His works are in numerous famous collections such as the Liu Haisu Art Museum, Chengdu Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art and Zhu Qizhan Art Museum.


Rongqiang uses traditional Chinese ink painting techniques to create two-dimensional artworks with the addition of subtle lighting. Chinese ceramics from the Tang dynasty – the golden age – Ming dynasty, and Song dynasty have all had an influence on the texture and colour of his work. This is most apparent in the prominence of the colours white, green and brown and the use of Gong Bi and Baimiao techniques throughout his work.


Rongqiang seeks to communicate human emotions through the actions and presentations of the animals in his artwork. His works are meant to be read as human portraiture, akin to an actor on the stage, performing for the audience. Many of the pieces in the artist's collections communicate a feeling of magic. It is evident European fairy tales (most notably, tales by Hans Christian Anderson and the Grim Brothers) have influenced the concepts behind his work, especially the humanistic expressions of the animals depicted.


Exhibited Previously:

Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

The Landscape Art Museum, Beijing, China

The Cultural and History Gallery of the CPPCC

Beijing Agricultural Gallery, China

Liuchen Gallery, Nanjing

Jingling Gallery, Nanjing

Hongik Museum of Art, Korea

Beijing Millennium Gallery, China

The Summit Art Centre, China

Beijing Times Gallery, China

Nanjing International Exhibition Centre, China

Tianda Art Gallery, Shandong, China

Gallery 28, London and Beijing

Duolun Museum of Art, Shanghai

Jeimo Museum of Art, Nanjing

Poly Art Museum, Beijing

Artcity Museum, Rizhao

Cologne International Exhibition Centre, Germany

Wenjin International Art Centre


Public Collections:

Liu Haisu Art Museum

Chengdu Museum of Modern Art

Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art

Zhu Qizhan Art Museum

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