Weaving Geographies

Exhibition: Weaving Geographies

Dates: 29th of September to 14th of October 2016

Artists: Sylvia Denburg and Monika Bravo


TRIAD in collaboration with Arthill Gallery presents: Sylvia Denburg + Monika Bravo in Weaving Geographies


Weaving Geographies focuses on the practice of weaving and its link to nature, community and politics.


Sylvia Denburg's colourful textile maps are aerial view of some Guatemalan highlighted areas, in which ethnic identity and conflict are complexly embedded within a dynamic system of class and race-based geopolitics. Denburg’s work explores the psychology of conflicts and liberation of indigenous women and the reflexive praxis of creating meaningful textiles and tapestries, used to challenges these conflicts and their consequences.


Monika Bravo's URUMU [WEAVING_TIME] is an animation that rapidly envelops the viewer in textile. Intermittently, “threads” shoot up and down creating a virtual warp, weft “threads” move creating a weave. The resulting graphic “woven” image appears to constitute a text written in an unknown foreign language. This reveals a view of an undetermined location, seemingly devoid of the faces of human beings. The virtual weavings might seem like abstract patterns, recalling the graphic motifs of the Arhuaco tribes from Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia.

Works on glass [URUMU_BANDA] are studies that exist in a threshold between colour and meaning; these diagrams were used as virtual drawings to create the animations. Their existence hovers between a geometric figure and a sequence of weaving, and their meaning pertains to the ancestral culture of their origins. Their colour is inspired in the palette used by artist Sonia Delaunay (1885 - 1979) throughout her life, existing in applied arts and works of art. Bravo's interest lies in that intermediate place, a portal where fabric is language, geometry represents ideas and concrete forms and colour accentuates the dialogue between the abstract and the concrete.






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