Distinct Surfaces


Title: Distinct Surface

Exhbition: 15th December 2017 to 28th January 2018

Artists: Sandra Pulina, Lena von Gödeke, and Qiwei Zhang


Arthill Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition Distinct Surfaces showcasing works by Sandra Pulina, Lena von Gödeke and Qiwei Zhang. Three artists, three different approaches to extended questions of painting. As distinct as their artworks and approaches to and emerging from painting are, they are all connected by questions regarding content, and how to structure, order, model and develop surfaces of artworks. The work of all three artists draw on a wide range of resources, formal references and an extended idea of display techniques. These combine traditional and new materials for the display of their ideas, such as silkscreen on paper, fabric cutouts, ink drawings and cutting plotter drawings on paper. All three artists have various backgrounds but met in their artistic development at the Academy of Fine Arts Münster (Germany).


QIWEI ZHANG - Born in Shanaghai, China, Qiwei studied
in Germany. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in
Münster in 2011. He now lives and works in Shanghai and
Münster. As a painter Qiwei is as familiar with both the 
Western and the Asian view of painting. This possibility
leads him to his own conception of incoherencies within his
painting. His interventions and new compilations are not
aimed at unity or representation, but at meta-textual
connections. Qiwei's motives derive from traditional and 
modern art as well as from geometry and remote niches of
our everyday lives. His aesthetic syntax includes narrative
embeddings, temporal perspectives, colour, materiality and above all the isolation of functions. This process is well revealed in Qiwei paper works. With bold and concentrated brush strokes these works combine everyday observations with painterly questions. The paper works go beyond the quality of studies and can be classified as independent works.


LENA VON GÖDEKE - Lena graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Münster and Düsseldorf and now lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Lena draws her ‘image vocabulary’ from a collection of scientific and digital sources of inspiration. She consciously decides against a uniform style or the definition of a specific technique or medium, but makes use of the whole range of current artistic and technical possibilities based on relevant questions about the respective work. Her work can be understood as a search for artistic forms of expression for scientific findings in order to aesthetically comprehend the processes of our environment and reality of life and to make them intuitively comprehensible. On the basis of collected data and existing information, a creative process develops, incorporating the aspects and momentum of material and form. Lena generates new and different visibilities and again similar to science she creates a basis for ‘knowledge acquisition’ and ‘knowledge multiplication’.


SANDRA PULINA - Born in Marl, Germany, Sandra has acquired degrees from the Academy of Fine Art in Münster, graduating in 2012. The limited surfaces of canvas and the intense study of ordering systems within a painting, such as frames, planes, and displays, led Sandra to her recent silkscreen series. Interested in how external systems structure and control content and information, Sandra worked with a found handwritten collection of notebook pages. Containing personal observations of stock market developments, algorithms as well as mathematic formulas, this collection is reminiscent of the masses of data every person collects within a lifetime of being tracked by credit card data, internet traffic, social media, etc. Printing the pages in color in silkscreen, the numbers become ornaments and the layering of several pages over each other makes it impossible to decipher the codes – an overflow of information or a new ornamental system?


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