Battersea Spring 2019


Event: Battersea Spring Affordable Art Fair 2019

Location: Arthill Gallery Booth C1

Preview: Evening of 6th March 2019

Date: 7th to 10th March 2019

Artists: Shi Rongqiang, Wang Changgan, Mara Fabbo, Shaoyan Li and Elio Ciol



Arthill Gallery is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at BATTERSEA SPRING 7th to 10th of March 2019.


After the great success at the London Art Fair in January, Arthill Gallery is pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at Battersea Spring this March. Battersea Spring is well known as a fair where visitors are surrounded by a relaxed and friendly environment, with the aim to attract even more people to become collectors and to encourage them to choose original works. On this occasion, we will showcase artworks by Shi Rongqiang, Wang Changgan, Mara Fabbo, Shaoyan Li as well as the newest addition to our portfolio of artists, the Italian photographer Elio Ciol. All the works are included in the price range chosen by the fair committee and so lower than £6000. 


Elio Ciol is one of the masters of Italian Contemporary Photography; his work is characterised by his immense sensitivity towards people, landscapes, places and architecture. The vast majority of his production is black and white photography, where the contrast between light and shadow gives a suggestive rhythm and a sense of deepness to each one of his photographs. Ciol has exhibited all over the world and his work is part of the public collections of many international museums, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and The Metropolitan Museum of Art In New York. 


Shi Rongqiang uses traditional Chinese ink painting techniques to create two-dimensional artworks with the addition of subtle lighting. Chinese ceramics from the Tang dynasty – the golden age – Ming dynasty, and Song dynasty, have all had an influence on the texture and colour of his work. This is most apparent in the prominence of the colours white, green and brown and the use of Gong Bi and Baimiao techniques throughout his work.  Rongqiang seeks to communicate human emotions through the actions and presentations of the animals in his artwork. His works are meant to be read as human portraiture, akin to an actor on the stage, performing for the audience. 


Wang Changgan’s work reflects on his generation's – as well as his personal – interpretation of the spirit of the age, emotions, aspirations and determination of life. The subject matter of Wang’s lithographs and oil on canvas works, are based on the news and recent events in China. Especially with the series The Mirror of History, he aims to ‘freeze’ the events, representing them with the same appearance as coming out from the news. 


Mara Fabbro finds her inspiration in the relationship and link between nature and man, forever becoming more and more complex, and the required responsibility and attention to our global environment. The circle is the fundamental element in Mara’s work, responding to the need for harmony and balance. The geometry of the circle represents the totality, the unit and the connection between the centre and the periphery. She expresses a rhythmic language of geometries and graphic images, scoring a circuit that expands to infinity.


Shaoyan Li’s works are a triumph of colour and life, at the same time they are mysterious and intriguing. They can be interpreted as a representation of the artist’s personal experience, embracing characters and events that interlock, one to each other, and shape the journey. His works are so rich in details that it takes months to bring one to life.


We look forward to welcoming you to Booth C1 and the opportunity to talk to you about the works of these talented contemporary artists.

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