Tatsuya Donkai: Spirit of Kyoto


Title: Spirit of Kyoto

Date: 8th May to 12th May 2019

Preview: 8th of May at 6pm

Artists: Tatsuya Donkai


Tatsuya Donkai, a photographer, architect, and interior designer was born in 1968 and has been living in Kyoto since he was 3 years old. Tatsuya learnt to paint in his childhood, became fascinated by the world of art and eventually chose to be an architect, creating through his career, artistically immersive worlds.


While taking photos of commercial buildings and wedding halls he designed himself, Tatsuya's interest in the art of photography grew, and he went on to teach himself.


Maybe as a counteraction against pursuing the extraordinary world of architecture, he became interested in daily scenes of ordinary people in photography. Through living his everyday life in Kyoto and being constantly among his subject matter,  Tatsuya has now established his current style of shooting beauty that lies in the everyday.


He looks deeply at urban life through a viewfinder, cuts out an instantaneous moment, together with the story behind it in a humorous manner, sealing it into a photo for eternity. You may notice even an ordinary photo, on closer look, naturally carries his unique viewpoint and perspective. That could be one of the beauties of his photos.


In recent years, he has traveled expansively overseas for his photography to further his horizons without limiting his activities in Kyoto. Shooting local peoples lives in other countries has driven home to him the attraction of Kyoto, where his ordinary life exists, which further fuels his enthusiasm for shooting.





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