Spring Group Show 2019





Title: Spring Group Show 2019

Date: 29th of May til 14th of June 2019

Artists: Elio CiolWang Changgan, Zeng JianyongPaul Balland, Phil Miller


Arthill Gallery is pleased to announce this year's Spring Group Show which will bring together the works of Elio Ciol, Wang Changgan, Zeng Jianyong, Paul Balland and Phil Miller.


These contemporary artists have all worked in very different mediums but come together in our Spring Group Show to create an exhibition of visual tranquility while tapping into the social context of our world today.


Wang Changgan's printmaking technique allows the artists to make small and detailed edits to his work; with the ability to create multiple copies of the same print. Changgan chose printmaking as a way to reflect on his generation's, as well as his personal, interpretation of the spirit of the age, delicate emotions, aspirations and determination of life.


Elio Ciol’s work is part of the Neorealism movement in photography; a predisposition towards everyday life of ordinary people, depicted to induce social and political transformation. His focus as a documentary photographer started with the rural world, shifting to emigration (with a focus on the railway station) and finally to the life of children. His images are never aggressive – no display of grief, no insistent showing of suffering or death, not disturbing to look at – but rather, joyful in nature.


Zeng Jianyong's more recent work has focused on landscapes; his pieces are more dreamlike than traditional Chinese ink paintings, skirting the border between make-believe and reality. Jianyong's use of blurring and indistinct shapes throughout the scenery, give the impression of smog, commenting on his experience of Beijing which is well known for its high levels of air pollution. These impressions are the result of the artist's own technique which makes use of both the front and back of the canvas.


Paul Balland has developed a unique practice of fine art photography, shooting and collecting a large archive of images and works that are related to the cultural originality of local communities and their environment. His practice explores the relations of urban, natural and industrial environments, mostly derelict and often forgotten, with the aesthetics of the oneiric.


Phil Miller involves the marriage of original photographs and artwork using projections and multiple exposures. Once layered, the images take on a new, almost cinematic quality. Works have a real sense of movement and with time, reveal elements to the viewer that are not always obvious at a first glance.



Artist catalogues available upon request.





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