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Peter Franck

Title: Peter Franck: New stories from the past

Date: 14th - 29th Nov 2019

Artists: Peter Franck

Arthill Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in London by German

photographer Peter Franck. The exhibition, titled Peter Franck: New stories from the past, starts by presenting his colourful series The Kodak Moment and gradually introduces a darker world created by the artist that emerges from the series Lost Back to the Future and Some Thing Never Change.

Peter Franck’s work always begins from a research in digital archives. He is very interested

in the link between past and present, that also symbolizes the link between analogue

photographs that have been digitalized and used, like in his case, to create digital

photographic collages. In the series The Kodak Moment he intends to investigate the theme

of violation of privacy and his attempt to give privacy back to the portrayed subjects. The

images show moments of everyday life, they give access to private situations, they give

insights into families’ lives and environments. Peter Franck covered or even deleted part of

bodies, cars and houses are decontextualized and inserted in new environments. Nothing is

recognisable anymore.

In the series Lost Back to the Future, the artist wants to explore what remains about cities,

what persists. We live in an era where architectural and cultural heritage are very

important. We look at buildings with proud, we admire them and celebrate them. Starting

from real images, Peter Franck is projecting us to a reality that does not exist: old cars are

floating in the air and their noises belong to the past, cities are empty and the darkness is


The exhibition ends with one photograph from the series titled Some Things Never Change,

where the artist explores the theme of war. In the image there is a strong sense of absence,

men are already passed away and what lasts is just a frozen moment in time. The artist

wants to induce us to think that also the pictures of the current time can be the primary

source for collages of death in the future, suggesting that some things never change.

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