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 Wang Changgan 

Wang Changgan was born 1985 in Guangdong, China. He studied printmaking, majoring in lithography which he has used throughout the majority of his work to date. His technique allows the artists to make small and detailed edits to his work; with the ability to create multiple copies of the same print.


Changgan chooses printmaking as a way to reflect on his generations, as well as his own personal, interpretation of the spirit of the age, delicate emotions, aspirations and determination of life.


The subject matter of Changgan’s lithograph and oil on canvas works are based around recent historical events in China. He extracts important image elements from the news to create surrealist collages. With simple tools and effects, he references these image elements with the use of realistic techniques, contrasting against the graphics. A static force is thus formed in his work to ridicule and criticise the social phenomena in reality. Wang has erased the sense of speed of current affairs by setting the images in his pieces as if they are static matter. This brings a sense of history to the pieces, allowing the content of the pictures themselves to become a mirror of history.


Exhibited previously:

2008 Art Exchange Exhibition GAFA and Seoul National University ‘The Savior’, Korea

2008 Guangdong Prints Exhibition ‘The Savior.1' and ‘The Savior. 11’, China

2008 32nd International Book Label Biennale ‘My Classmate’

2013 Guangdong Prints Exhibition ‘Pass the Park’, China

2013 20th China Prints Exhibition ‘The Mirror of History: Diaoyu Island’, China

2014 Urban Theatre’ Exhibition ‘The Mirror of History’

2016 21st China Prints Exhibition ‘The Mirror of History’

2018 Foshan Art Association Prints Exhibition ‘The Mirror of History’

2018 Hahnemühle Chinese Youth Prints Exhibition ‘The Mirror of History’


Public Collections:

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art Museum, China

Guancheng Art Museum, China

Heilongjiang Art Museum, China

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