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 Wang Chuangchuang 

Wang Chuangchuang was born 1987 in Zoucheng, Shandong province, China. He is a member of Shandong Oil Painting Society in China and a signed Artist of Beijing Poly Contemporary Art.


Wang Chuangchuang’s oil painting series Mountain can be interpreted as his imaginative diary as an artist, full of memories of his hometown Dong Gu Xian Cun. It can also be read as re-combination of mountain structures to relive his inner tension and settle personal restlessness.


The rugged and sparse layers of his work comment on the interactions of different parts of one’s environment, how they come together to create harmony or disharmony. By contemplating only the natural environment of his homeland Chuangchuang encapsulates personal memories and a sense of forlorn nostalgia.


By taking inspiration from the classic arts and using the soft edge and human eye, Chuangchuang combines abstract concepts of Chinese painting with the technique and structure of Western oil paintings. In the series, the audience goes through stages of first visual impression of the work, to then understand the deeper meaning and emotions of the artist reflected in the landscape.


In Wang Chuangchuang’s words ‘I want to create an extremely peaceful picture to reflect my inner-world conflict and anxiety. And I hope this tranquillity helps me find some strength.’

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