William Zou

Born in Budapest, Hungary, William Zou is an artist based in Shanghai, China, and London, UK. William graduated from King’s College London in 2019 with a degree in film studies and he is currently studying photography at the Royal College of Arts. 

William’s photographic practice touches upon various social-cultural themes such as gender, sexuality, identity, and human connections. Inspired by various philosophers and artists, it is evident that in his current body of work, the camera lens often embodies an objective and non-definitive agency that attempts to reconstruct the understanding of one’s corporeal and spiritual experience with oneself and others. Offering alternative possibilities of viewing matters in established and fixed ideologies, his purpose is to use visual media to overcome the formal logical limits of previous definition of dialectics by encouraging the audiences to think outside the realm of their constitutive subjectivities.

Questioning the set of linguistic developed within the queer community, his ongoing project Soliloquy explores and remaps the position and interaction of gender, body, and language in the queer context. By sliding himself into stereotypical identity categories in a theatrical and performative manner, Soliloquy is a self-portrait project that derides and mocks the problematic language system existing.

His most recent project Pale Reveries is a tender intrusion, an ephemeral glimpse and unveiling of intimate and private relationships. Creating suspension-imaginations within the images, the series challenges on whether the very act of defining human connections is at all desired.