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Xiyuan Xiao

Xiyuan Xiao (b. 1996) is a Chinese artist based in Shanghai and London.

He works with poetry and photography to explore the relationship between urban space and human behavior. Through his work, the body is repeatedly defined and confined by particular architectural arrangements, the edges of which people encounter here. Each images reflects back to the viewer the space of the ‘camera,’ whose Latin origin came to refer to a habitable or private space.


What is in question here is the orientation of the body as it is mediated by the built- environment. Architecture can be resistant to the body’s natural inclinations- we are moved and disciplined by its structures and rhythms. Whether in the grids of streets or the enclosures of home, the body too becomes a little box of complex hardware negotiating input and output amidst constant flow of distraction and demands for our attention. 

Solo Exhibition,

10.2019, Uhomes, London/UK

12.2019, Arthill gallery, London/UK


Group Exhibition

12.2019, Dojo House. New York/US

11.2019, Upper Gallery, University of the arts london, London/UK

03.2019, Art Academy Newington, London/UK

06.2018, Bejing Institute of Graphic Communication, Beijing/China

09.2017, Pingyao International Photography Festival, ShanXi/China

08.2017, JingZhi Gallery, JiangXi /China



08.2017, I am a wilful boy on National Geographic, China

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