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 Yu Cun 

Yu Cun was born in 1958 in Shanghai, China and is now working and living in Suzhou, China. During 1978-1982 he studied at the Department of Traditional Chinese Realistic Painting of China Nanjing University of the Arts.


The majority of works by Cun are oil paintings on canvas, which seek to pursue the innocence of a childlike mind. Yu Cun has a vast and rich experience in visual imagery, he uses this alongside his inspirations, such as works of graffiti, to expresses his feelings in his creative process.


The artist creates his paintings by using a flat, rendering style with a rudimentary expression of perspective. In his works, Cun combines a childlike simplicity and frankness with a loud colour palette. Inspired by social media and images from the newspaper and the internet, he expresses his own feelings in a creative process of collocation.


Some works of Yu Cun are the portraits of celebrities both in China and abroad. With his visual translation, the artist has transferred the portraits into our time. Just like the artist, his portraits reflect brevity, simplicity, humour and thoroughness.

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