Li Yushi

Yushi Li is a Chinese artist based in London, working primarily in photography. She received her MA in Photography recently and is doing her PhD in Arts & Humanities at the Royal College of Art. Li was selected as one of the artists for Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2018 and nominated as one of the 100 RPS Hundred Heroines in 2019. Her work mainly engages with the question of the gaze in relation to gender, desire and sexuality, culminating in the investigation of the male representation as an erotic subject in light of digital social networks.


11/2019, Adieu to Old England, The Kids Are Alright.  Choi & Lager Gallery, Cologne, Germany

11/2019, 61069019 boooom! BROWNIE Project, Shanghai, China

09/2019, Looking for Validation, Nayland Rock Hotel, Margate, UK

08/2019, Neo Hua Ren, The Crypt Gallery, Loondon, UK

03/2019, Your Reservation Is Confirmed (solo show) Fotogalleri Vasli Souza, Malmo, Sweden

02/2019, The Same Tendency, Summerhall, Edinburgh, UK

01/2019, Plat(t)form 2019, portfolio viewing,  Fotomusem, Winterthur, Switzerland

12/2018, 209 Women, House of Parliament, London, UK

12/2018, Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018, South London Gallery, London, UK

09/2018, Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal

09/2018, Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018, South London Gallery, London, UK

09/2018, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China

08/2018, Lost and Found, The 5th Gallery, Guangzhou, China

06/2017, 2017 Harley Open Exhibition, Nottingham, UK

Awards: Parallel 3rd Cycle; RPS Hundred Heroines; Human Rights Photography Prize (finalist); Human Rights Photography Prize (finalist)

Discovery Awards 2018 (finalist) New Photography Prize 2018. Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018 (finalist)