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 Zeng Jiangyong 

Zeng Jianyong was born in Chenghai, Guangdong and currently lives and works in Beijing and Shenzhen. Jianyong has studied Chinese Painting at Huaqiao University and Printmaking at Central Academy of Fine Arts, his work has been widely exhibited throughout China and the USA.


Jianyong’s unique and absorbing work is the product of a wide variety of influences and training, both Eastern and Western. Zeng has said that as an artist, he 'treasures the weaknesses of human nature, such as irrationality and fragility', and tries to tap into these qualities when making his art. These themes are particularly prevalent in his iconic series 'The Header' and in the later stages of his series 'Growing Up' and 'Childhood Days'.


Jianyong's more recent work has focused on landscapes; his pieces are more dreamlike than traditional Chinese ink paintings, skirting the border between make-believe and reality. Jianyong's use of blurring and indistinct shapes throughout the scenery, give the impression of smog, commenting on his experience of Beijing which is well known for its high levels of air pollution. These impressions are the result of the artist's own technique which makes use of both the front and back of the canvas.


Zeng Jianyong continues to seek challenges within his work and is currently investigating the interplay between two and three-dimensional structures. He has recently become the first Chinese artists to combine Chinese ink painting and a three-dimensional structure in some piece of the series Loiter Around; the paper was first painted before being applied to the cast copper, creating a unique union of the two. 


Exhibited previously:

2017 Soka Art Center, Conjurer, Beijing

2016 Tokyo Gallery BTAP "Me", Beijing

2016 National Art Museum of China "Loiter Around", Beijing

2008 Eli Klein Fine Art Gallery "Growing", NY, USA

2008 Holy Oriental Art Gallery "The Header", Shanghai, China

2008 Heather James Art "The Header", Palm Desert, CA, USA

2008 Rohrer Art Gallery "The Header", Laguna Beach, CA, USA

2007 Times Space, 798 "Works of Zeng Jianyong", Beijing, China

2007 Jiushi Space, 798 "Works of Zeng Jianyong", Beijing, China​

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